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Terroristic acts, protests, revolutions usually occur during changing of rotational directions and densities of powerful cosmic vortex of the ether. It can be predicted by change of rotational velocity of the Earth, by arrangements of planets and by other methods.

Chapter 2. Psycho-cosmic energies and their influence on terrorism

Terrorism and its victims for many of us is just statistics. For many it is the tragedy.

2.1 Raise of the terrorism: a psycho-cosmic aspect

Terrorism has occupied our planet. This is evil, obvious evil, which as a cancer goes wider and deeper in more countries and societies every day.

From 2000 to 2016 years, it has been more than 72 thousands of acts made by terrorists resulted in death of almost 170 thousands of people, and more than 80% of these acts have been made by terrorists organizations, members of which are full of religious fanaticism of the perversion of Islam.

If we take a look on Figure we see depress tendencies.

What are the causes of this phenomena?

Why, particularly in our days, temps of its propagation have risen?

Before, we have been investigating long cycles of Kondratiev N. And have found that they coincides with change in the length of earthdays, rotational velocity of Earth during decades and centuries. And the velocity of flow, rotation of Earth significantly connected to the density of cosmos. For new physicists it is the density of the ether. The energy of ether vortex “feeds” all living species on Earth. Thus, we have come to the idea to see how energetic flows of the ether are connected with an intensity of terrorism acts. Let’s compare graphs describing velocity of rotation of Earth (the length of earthdays) with the intensity of the acts in recent years.

Let’s add some data on the intensity of the solar radiation in the electromagnetic range (see.:

The connection of the number of victims with Wolf’s number representing the intensity of solar activity is different, in some degree contrary to the connection of rotational velocity (the length of earthdays) of Earth. The causes of this connection on the level of physical processes on the scale of solar system have been explained. (see: Dyatlov V.L. Polarizing model of heterogeneous physical vacuum. Novosibirsk, editing of the Mathematics Department, 1998, 183 pp.). This is the sphere of disputes of physicists and mathematicians. Dyatlov V.L. considers that the gravity-spin and electromagnetic cosmic energies transform into one another according to the law of continuity of complete electrical, magnetic, gravitational and spin current. But this is according to mathematicians, physicists, but we analyze a terrorism as a social and psycho-cosmic phenomenon. Therefore, we take from them only reasonable and sometimes shining scientific terms – gravity-spin and electromagnetic energies. For ourselves, we note that the connection between Earth's rotational velocity and the number of victims of terrorist attacks is deeper, more evident than the Wolf’s number.

In 2014 43542 people died from terrorists. This surge in fatalities from terrorist attacks is linked to the war in Syria. Only in Syria, there were killed more than 190 thousand of people. According to the Syrian Center of Monitoring Human Rights 33278 people of them were civilians.

In 2015 20378 people died from terrorists. This data is taken from GTD database. It is the most extensive database of terrorist attacks occurred worldwide from 1970. GTD is updated annually. The length of day is taken from the corresponding laboratory databases. The chart reflects the deviation of the length of day in milliseconds on average values for the entire period of observation. See:

Dependence exists. But in the scale of years.

But will dependencies depend on whether these occur in one day? Let’s take the January of 2015.

From GTD we find the number of terrorist attacks per day and the number of victims. Scary figures. Let’s plot the number of died and wounded people due to terrorist attacks in this month and connect it with the schedule of the length of earthdays.

We note immediately, that, according to reputable laboratories (see:, we have not found the connection of the intensity of magnetic storms on Earth, and the number of killed people in terrorist attacks in the January 2015. But there is the connection with the Earth's rotational velocity.

At all points of the Earth's rotational reverse (in the days of change of acceleration of rotation), the number of victims of terrorist attacks usually jumps. So that the connection in the rotational velocity to the intensity of the attacks have a decadal and individual days’ scale.

And the times of a change of the acceleration of Earth are also the days of a change in the density of the ether around Earth due to this factor. Under the acceleration of Earth, it is covered by waves of the ether. Just like the air on a motorcycle rider gaining speed. Physicists have made a model of changes in an ether density at the body’s acceleration change.

This also applies to Earth. Only at the approach of a speed of a body to the speed of light, compact ether does not give the body to increase its speed. And Earth moves in the less compacted layers of the ether, and we did not feel it like sometimes we do not feel the air.

You can see this process clearly in the dynamics.

See: А. Kim. The mechanics of the ether and the principle of relativity. .

This is an important departure. It shows that the peaks of the attacks at the time of change of acceleration of the earth coincide with the change in the ether density.

According to the physics, streams of cosmic ether coming to Earth from the direction of the Leo constellation, and according to the etherodynamics laws of the flow around Earth. At the same time, in the world there are areas of high and low ether pressure. A density of ether in the world is different. Is it related to the spread of terrorism?

See: A wind of the ether: a problem, errors, goals V. А. Atsukowski // A wind of the ether. Collection of articles / Edited by V. А. Atsukowski. – М.: Energoatomisdat, 1993. – 288 p. – ISBN 5-283-04990-6.

We select the diagram zone of low pressure ether on the globe.

Compare the zone of growth of irregularities in the ether density in the world with places on the map, which marked with the intensity of terrorist attacks. They are the same.

Note that the zone includes a region of a low pressure ether, as well as an unstable region of its pressure. It changes there periodically from a higher pressure area to a lower, and vice versa. Most of the acts of terrorism committed in this zone of an unstable, variable ether flow.

  We noted that the terrorism associated with Islamic extremists.

Yet, there are more coincidences with the spread of terrorism with an unstable pressure zone of the ether rather than with the spread of Islam. Although Islam is prevalent in countries with a similar variable pressure of the ether wind.

With such a view of Islam, it can be considered as a religion, which is more adapted to the psychological characteristics of people born and raised in unstable conditions and a lower pressure of essential flows. But only.

There are subtle scholars of the Islamic terrorism. Mohaddam F.M. (2011) proves that terrorism arises from the social and cultural conditions of life and features of Islamic societies of the modern world. That is, the low density of the ether pervades the economic, social, cultural, and spiritual life of a society.

There is every reason to link the density of the ether with the global transformation of the culture, people, our history. Terrorism is part of the problem.

Thus, the migration of our ancestors in ancient times is not only connected to climate change, but also to the density of cosmic ether in the world.

People always migrated to places with denser concentrations of the ether as soon as the weather permitted. A migration usually started under the major changes on the planet, that representatives of the etherodynamics associates with the density of the ether wind. First of all, this is change in the spread of oxygen and carbon isotopes. Arrows indicate the time of the most intense migrations of our ancestors on Earth.

These migrations coincide with a sharp change in the content of oxygen isotopes.

According to representatives of the etherodynamics, a formation of oxygen, carbon and other isotopes is associated with increasing of cosmic energies, including densities of the ether streams. And under the change of these densities, its distribution over Earth and the location of the optimum pressure of space ether zones also change. After the brilliant work of A.S. Holmansky (Holmansky A.S. Vortex structure of the nucleus and the periodic law of Mendeleev. M.: 2016 Federal scientific agro-engineering center “VIM”, Moscow), a relation between formation of isotopes and ether vortices can be considered as proven in the framework of classical physics.

Nowadays, cosmic energies change dramatically with an obvious growth trend.

Are modern humans more silly than their ancestors when choosing a place of residence? People who were born in areas of high and low density of the ether are different, as well as people, who was born in one place, but in different historical periods of high and low density of the ether (Konuhov N.I., 2106b). So, the existence of Hyperborea at Sevres near the North Pole has ether-dynamics causes. There is a place at the North Pole with a very high density of ether flows. Hence there are legends about the superiority of the people who were born there.

Obviously, terrorism is first of all a social and political, spiritual deformation of groups of people, or a society. Countries with higher levels of development of economy and social sphere are less prone to terrorism than countries with serious problems in these areas. Social, spiritual well-being of a society overlaps a factor of lack of the ether in the space today. But the intensity of terrorism, as well as the development of our entire history, economics, has a close relationship with the density of the ether.

Countries in which terrorism is particularly cruel and intense, which have the highest index of terrorism, are located in the considered zone of the ether flows. They are: Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, India, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Thailand, Philippines …


Cosmic energies, ether streams penetrate people heads. A whirlwind is at the head of each. Energy vortices recorded, settled in a person from head to toes and heels (they also have a reflection of vortex structures). Long-term EEGs (electroencephalogram) at a distance from electromagnetic interference cities and their comparison with the location of planets, with the non-electromagnetic cosmic energies have shown that people are changing dramatically during these times (planet converts the stream of cosmic ether vortices as they rotate). At a certain combination of cosmic energies (electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic) people are as discarded in the ancient past, our instincts laid bare… And what is there not to have, in our unconscious … This is a fight for dominance, for power, for the leadership… The need for better organization of a society suddenly revived, a need that until that moment was asleep.

Sometimes people cannot even understand their needs, motives of this level. All of this is forced out from consciousness and even from scientific analysis. We have investigated ourselves very well in scientific researches and in our philosophy of life. Yes, we are the crown of the nature. This is true. But under certain conditions, we fall back on the ladder of evolution and become savages with atomic and hydrogen bombs with the full belief that we are great and spiritual development of the individual. We have the so-called trigger defensive reactions, which do not allow an objective and impartial look at our essence. We emphasize once again: we have it at a certain combination of cosmic energies and other factors change. All in different ways: some cruelly cut the same people with blades, while others give their lives in order to save from this their children, relatives and just good, normal people. Sometimes opposing instincts come to life in a person, opposing feelings and aspirations. This is described in detail and based on, drawing on experimental data, the results of the massive, many thousands of surveys.