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For decades, research centers were systematically studying the human changes in the process of practical, as well as industrial, activity, considering the factors of cosmic activity.

 The essence of the obtained scientific results is in a definite consequence: it is impossible to understand the development of mankind and Russia without considering the cosmic energy factor in a scientific analysis.

Sometimes, at websites a number of visitors and buyers sharply increases, and sometimes sharply drops. Unexpected data: this depends on the Earth’s rotational velocity, on the change in the sign of the acceleration of its rotation. This involves a change in psyche of people.

To understand the essence of such dependencies is difficult without accepting the idea of cosmic ether and its influence on all living things.

There are three mechanisms for changing the density of the etheric medium in which Earth is located:

1. Change in the speed of movement of Earth in space with a constant density of the ether. The Earth's velocity increases cyclically from aphelion to perihelion, where it reaches a maximum, and then decreases to aphelion. In addition to the speed of Earth affects the change in its position relative to other planets of the solar system, the force of gravity. The greater the speed of Earth – the more ether passes through humanity, and the planet itself slows down its rotation. The indicator of these changes is the length of Earth day (LOD – length of a day), the change of which is measured in milliseconds. The greater the density of the ether surrounding Earth, the greater is the LOD.

2. Change in the density of the cosmic ether into which the solar system enters. In this case, not only does the Earth's rotational velocity slow down, but also the speed of the flight of the solar system. A sign of this is the increase or decrease in LOD from year to year.

3. "Resonances" between planets that perturb the ether with their rotation, oscillations. When Earth passes through these vortices, it falls under the additional movement of the ether.

If, for some reason, the adoption of these provisions for the initial meets internal resistance, then you can get acquainted with all the previous work of the scientific centers "Biryuch" and "Bamkon" 2015, 2016, 2017.

If this does not dispel doubts, then you can consider the opinion of A. Poincare: there is no ether, but everything happens as if it is.

If this psychiatric method does not help, then everything can be explained by the ingress of Earth into denser layers of baryonic matter. Opinion from solid, recognized scientific work: "For the first time in Russia, according to ground-based measurements, an acoustic-gravity signal with a maximum amplitude of 45 dN/cm squared is presumably from an explosion in the atmosphere of the Vitim bolide on September 24, 2002 at a distance of 4000 km from the source. In this case, plausible values of the direction and velocity of signal propagation were obtained. The analysis of this event confirms the facts obtained earlier that bright bolides of a large mass can create powerful pulsed radiation of acoustic-gravitational waves in the Earth's atmosphere, which can be fixed by microbarographs at a distance of several thousand kilometers. Note that the acoustical-gravity signal from the explosion of the car in this frequency range (from 0.0001 to 1 Hz) was recorded for the first time in the world, which was noted in the works of ReVelle, 2004; Edwards et al., 2006 ". [Kasatkina E.A., 2016, p. 143].

Gravitational energy when the substance gets into our atmosphere increases. And it actively influences the growth of trees. And their growth is connected with the development of mankind. That's it!

In classical science, experimental data have appeared that allow us to link the development of mankind, our nature with gravity-spin energies.

So we can assume that both there is the ether, and there is not exist, but there is simply a tiny baryonic substance. In this most important point of our analysis, the conclusions of the representatives of classical and new physics converge. And psychologists and sociologists do not need more.

But with the involvement of the conclusions of ether-dynamics it is easier to understand the logic of reasoning, to remember the available statistics, to apply the methods available in this field more creatively. We develop faster when the density of the cosmic ether increases.

Chapter 1. Cosmic energies and mankind: graphs for reflection

The figure shows the value change over time for the 1900 – 2000 period. The axis of ordinates in these figures is given in units (see V.D. Kokurov).

The graphs of the Earth's rotational velocity are mirror-like to the graphs of the length of day – LOD. LOD is measured highly accurately and placed at the websites of laboratories around the world.

Average by day:

Let us combine them with the well-known graphs of economists.

All fundamental economic and socio-political processes are visually related to these graphs.

The system of such graphs has been obtained for different countries and for different economic and financial indicators. It leaves no doubt that the Earth's rotational velocity reflects powerful cosmic energies.

They affect economic processes on Earth, and are also related to the intensity of isotope decay. Scientists of the Brookhaven laboratory in the United States have discovered the annual periodicity of the decay process of silicon isotopes. It is correlated to the value, where is the distance between the Earth and the Sun. At the same time, it is an indicator of the Earth's orbital movement velocity. In winter, at perihelion, it is maximal (the distance to the Sun is minimal), whereas in summer, in aphelion, it is minimal. With the change of the Earth's orbital movement velocity its axial rotational velocity also changes.

См.:: JereH. Jenkins, EphraimFischbach, JohnB. Buncher, JohnT. Gruenwald, DennisE. KrauseandJoshuaJ. Mattes, «EvidenceforCorrelationsBetweenNuclearDecayRatesandEarth-SunDistance» (arXiv:0808.3283v1 [astro-ph]).

Solar activity is a concrete manifestation of cosmic energies. There are profound works in this field.

Time evolution

(a) the variations of magnetic flux at the bottom (tachocline zone) of the Sun convective zone (see Dikpati, G. de Toma, and P. A. Gilman, 2008);

(b) fractional change in female breast cancer mortality (see: Juckett David A., 2009);

(c) fractional change in female breast cancer mortality for birth cohort in UK (see: Juckett David A., 2009);

(d) geomagnetic field secular variations (Y-component, nT/year) as observed at the Eskdalemuir observatory (England) (see: annual_means.shtml), where the variations (gY/gt) are directly proportional to the westward drift of magnetic features;

(e) Malignant brain tumor (brain stem) (see: Legler Julie M., 1999) ;

(f) the number of deaths from ICD9 item n 191 Malignant neoplasm of brain (see: Pechholdova M., 2008);

(g) Brain lymphoma incidences in US;

(h) the mortality rates from infectious diseases (incl. Tuberculosis) at ages 15 – 34 in France (see: Mesle F., 2006);

The curves (a) and (b) are smoothed by the sliding intervals of 5 and 11 years.

Such an integral indicator as the GDP growth rate also depends on the Earth's rotational velocity. This dependency is different in different countries.

But the GDP growth is determined by the people's labor activity. Naturally, people changes are also dependent on the Earth's rotational velocity.

On the example of hundreds of Russian and world record-holders, two trends have been identified.

1) Russian athletes win more often at point 5 (minimum of the Earth's rotational velocity) of the cosmic energies change cycle on a scale of days, whereas foreign ones – at point 1 (maximum of the Earth's rotational velocity) of that cycle.

2) Russian athletes win less often during growth of the Earth's rotational velocity.

Our athletes have set Russian records three times more often at the point of 5-day change cycles of the Earth's rotational velocity.

The achievements of Russian athletes significantly depend on cosmic energies, to a greater extent than the achievements of athletes in most countries of the world.

Regarding athletes, the following relationships are identified.

1. At different stages of the change in the Earth's rotational velocity the greatest success is achieved by the athletes who are predisposed by psychotype to activity, to higher achievements precisely at the given cosmic energies.

2. Russian athletes more often win and set the highest records, which are not beaten for decades, in the periods of slowdown of the Earth's rotational velocity.

3. At the stages of different Earth's rotational velocity, different techniques and even systems of selection and athlete training will be more effective.

These conclusions are proven by statistics: during the most successful years, in terms of intensity of the considered cosmic energies, Russian athletes set historical records that cannot be beaten to this day.

There are many reasons for speculation and even doubts. But we will insist only on the obvious: at different stages of the Earth's rotational velocity, different types of athletes make great sports achievements. As well as various tree clusters grow differently at the different Earth's rotational velocity.

To obtain these results, the Earth's rotational velocity was divided into 9 sections: 1 – the highest velocity, 5 – the lowest. The personality type that is more active at point 1 was called type 1/1, the personality type that is more active at point 5 was called type 5/5. The fact is that such cycles exist both on the scale of days and on the scale of years. Type 1/1 has personality traits, psycho-physiological features, which are identified both in day and annual cycles.

All sports achievements and athlete personalities, terrorist acts and personalities of famous terrorists, movement of stock markets and other markets, the most important historical events were digitized this way.

For groups of people examined at different stages of the day and annual cycles the following data were obtained: EEG (electroencephalogram), ECG (electrocardiogram), solved test results, including those that diagnose intellectual qualities, personality traits, unconscious activity (Smirnov's technique etc.). This made it possible to predict changes in people at the change of the Earth's rotational velocity, at a certain arrangement of planets (which is related to the Earth's rotational velocity). This manifests itself in economic growth, in the growth of people's physiological activity and even biota, particularly in growth of tree rings.

Yu. P. Demakov discovered two tree clusters: one of them grows better at the growth of the Earth's rotational velocity, whereas the other – at its slowdown. GDP growth rates of different countries, achievements of athletes are similarly divided into two clusters, two groups.

The Earth's rotational velocity is related to many diverse indicators, which are measured by statistics.

Even in our everyday worries, thoughts, moods and even in our fears we are dependent on cosmic energies.

With the abrupt change of the Earth's rotational velocity in the early 1900s, the topic of philosophical understanding of reality also changes within the past-future meta-program: the interest to the past increases. At the peaks of the Earth's rotational velocity growth the priorities of philosophical, spiritual and literary aspirations change.

In society, with the abrupt change of the Earth's rotational velocity happens the abrupt change of the whole culture, the aggravation of the struggle between progressive and regressive views.

The relations between indicators of cosmic energies are relatively sustained. Each of them may be used both in reconstruction and forecasting of the rest of them. Reconstruction and forecasting of any of these indicators would be more accurate, if the maximum number of the others is used (the Earth’s rotational velocity, temperature, GCR intensity, concentration of the isotopes, Earth’s magnetic field strength, width of annual tree rings etc.).

Changes in biome and history of mankind occur at the same time with changes of cosmic energies.

In general animals and plans breed better on the territory of Russia when the Earth’s rotational velocity reduces. It often coincides with the temperature fall. The same situation can be seen in China after increase of its population.

This graph also shows the limits of such relations. In the beginning of 1600s temperature fall reached the critical level and increase of cosmic energies connected with this fall did not compensate for the lack of sun rays. World population began to decrease and the famine and epidemics started.

The relations are the same for the whole world. When the cosmic energies was increasing, the status of the Jewish people was getting worse in European countries.