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In the context of rapid changes, recessionary events and even civilization crisis it is vital to understand the laws of socio-economic development. But there is no theory that fully meets our demands today. Social sciences lack the accuracy that is inherent to mathematics and physics. Appealing to these sciences and to systemology made it possible to establish some system dependencies, without understanding of which it is difficult to succeed in studying such a highly complex system as society. One of the important statements of systemology: quality criteria of a studied system is defined by a system of higher degree. In other words, if some issues, tendencies or system development features cannot be understood with all the efforts applied to its studying, then one should study a system of a higher degree. And which system would that be in relation to society? This is Space, space energies. Appealing to the works of V. Vernadsky, L. Gumilev, A. Chizhevsky and Russian cosmism confirmed this assumption.

In the early XXI century it became evident that the cosmic energies are not just the electromagnetic activity of the Sun. But it is not electromagnetic, but primarily vortex energy related to the rotation of celestial bodies and gravity energy.

There was a chance to combine the results of large-scale psychological research, the data of hundreds, thousands electroencephalograms containing various signs of cosmic energies. The was a clear, statistically significant correlation.

One of such indicators is the Earth's rotational velocity. It depends not only on gravity of the other planets and the Moon, but also on the density of interstellar matter, through which the solar system moves, and also on the cosmic ether density (according to followers of its existence). Rotation of planets and the Sun is any non-absolute vacuum spins that medium into vortices. This is spin, or vortex energy, some call it torsion energy. Density and power of that energy according to a variety of attributes very well correlated with changes in EEG of the patients.

It turned out that, according to well-known scientists, the cosmic energy has complex structure. At the same time one energy is increasing (e.g., electric), while the other is decreasing (magnetic). While spin energy is increasing, gravity is decreasing. While gravity-spin energy is increasing, electromagnetic one is decreasing. Ref.: V. L. Dyatlov. Polarization model of heterogeneous physical vacuum. Novosibirsk, Institute of Mathematics publishing, 1998, 183 p., etc. The growth of tree rings, cereals, growth of biota, human activity depends and resonates with a certain cosmic energy. Sometimes it is clear what kind of energy it is, but sometimes not. This energy is often related to the Earth's rotational velocity. In order not to specify this explicitly every time, in the text of this paper the term "growth of cosmic energies" relates to the type of energy that directly affects biota, predetermines its growth and provides people with energy for greater activity in various types of human occupations.

Chapter 1. Methodological and evident, factual foundations of analysis of the psycho-cosmic energies impact on Russia development

1.1 On the method of problem analysis

For decades research data have been collected, scientific research has been done that has shown a relationship between socio-economic and intellectual human development and cosmic energies. They relate to changes in electromagnetic, physiological and psycho-physiological human activity with the increase or decrease of certain electromagnetic or non-electromagnetic energies.

Briefly about them.

Our brain works differently during decrease or increase of cosmic energies, especially the energies related to the Earth's rotation (gravity-spin energies). Often during increase of gravity-spin energies the EEG frequency increases, cervical parts of the brain get more activated, its right half. This is true for ordinary people. Within this overall trend individual differences are huge.

The greatest differences are observed among groups of people who are divided by the structure of the brain electromagnetic activity into a) right brain hemisphere, with high frequency of EEG activity, and b) left brain hemisphere, with low frequency.

With the decrease of cosmic energies left brain hemisphere people are usually more effective, with the increase – right brain hemisphere. Each of these groups has its own psychological, psycho-physiological and other features.

The changes of the increase of cosmic non-electromagnetic energies to the decrease, that is, the change of acceleration sign of the Earth's axial rotational velocity are the bifurcation points in human decision making. At these points usually the most important socio-economic phenomena start – revolutions, wars, protests, change of development trends, etc.

More active in making decisions at these bifurcation points are sometimes people of type A (we call them type 1/1), and sometimes the opposite personality type (we called it type 5/5). People of type 1/1 are often more active at the minimum point of gravity-spin cosmic energies change cycle. People of type 5/5 are often more active at the maximum points of gravity-spin energies, until the moment they begin to decrease. These points can be accurately defined: these are often the points of acceleration sign change of the Earth's axial rotation.

The word "more often" is used here on purpose as there are many subtleties about which one can find out by reading the books already published.

The extreme values of types 1/1 and 5/5 do not occur often. Usually both of these psycho-types coexist in every person. Their activity fluctuates, a person balances in the range between the two types. The determinant of these oscillatory human changes is the cyclic change of cosmic energies.

Scientific fundamentals and techniques that allow to mathematically calculate human behavior under various changes of the cosmic energies, unfortunately cannot be understood by many people. For the majority to understand this problem it should be defined in the language that we all use to talk and think.

Only in this way it will be clear what measures should be taken to solve the current crisis in the world and our country.

Therefore, we shall speak in plain language, using the images that are clear for everyone.

If we insist that cosmic energies affect people, then they should affect the nature, since the man is a part of nature. If we insist on people's dependency on gravity-spin cosmic vortex energies which are invisible and cannot be directly detected by most physical devices, then apart from this statement we need evidence-based statistical data.

Let us start with cereal yield in the world and in Russia, in relation with the cosmic energies related to rotation of Earth and other planets. These are gravity-spin energies. Deceleration of the Earth's rotation (earthdays duration grows) is associated with the increase of LOD (Length Of Day).

There are two scales on the left. One is used since 1973. To the right is the scale that had been used until 1973. This scale is in millisecond units (deviation from the average for the whole observation period). We converted all data into the modern measurement scale.

Let's take the data on world cereal yield from the World Bank since 1973, that is, since the period for which we have accurate data on the Earth's rotational velocity in a currently used measurement scale (deviation from average values of the length of earthday – LOD). These are milliseconds, i.e. 1/1000 of a second.

Strong negative correlation on different samples.

Note: in the given historical period on Earth, cereals grow better with an increase of the Earth's rotational velocity.

It is possible that this effect of cereal yield growth is related to the improving farming techniques and decreasing gravity-spin cosmic energies over the measured time, i.e. the unique combination of these two factors – trends of cosmic energy changes and modern economic development. Usually, when encountering such coincidences and self-explanations the analysis of such correlations that "kill the science" is abandoned. But we knew something more based on previous studies. In various scientific fields the most unexpected correlations with the Earth's rotational velocity were discovered. When looking at a graph or a table one can see the matching trends with the Earth's rotational velocity that they reflect. These are true miracles.

Finding good statistics is not easy. The published graphs do not always have numeric indicators. Therefore, for analysis (mathematical accuracy is not necessary here, tendency is more important) one can take existing online graphs and combine them with the Earth's rotational velocity graphs (LOD). These data are published by the leading laboratories in the world.

It is important to see at least once how rigorous, systematic and accessible are the LOD data. There are many laboratories on Earth that calculate it. Every developed country has such a laboratory.

Find IERS in a search engine, then open.

Go to data/product/tools.

Enter the finals When it opens, copy it as a text document. Then convert it to the Excel format.

Anyone can double-check the accuracy of the data presented in this work. After all, they are unusual. They give rise to a number of consequences. The figures downloaded from the site of that laboratory are given on the graph.

This is also important to combine LOD data with the data on electromagnetic activity of the Sun. They can easily be found online.

With these graphs and corresponding numeric data any phenomenon, any process in the world for a particular period of time since 1962 can be correlated with cosmic energy dynamics, related to the Earth's rotational velocity. This can be done at the scale of days, as wells as at the scale of years, decades.

In some cases we can rotate the graphs. Next, the example of world cereal yield according to the World Bank data. The graph is automatically plotted on the bank's website.

We can rotate this graph by 45 degrees. And then combine not absolute yield values (because it grows due to various factors – manure, irrigation, pesticides, etc.), but rather relative fluctuations of the growth trend. With much confidence we can attribute these fluctuations to the influence of cosmic energies. Here is an example.

Here the graph's shape of the Earth's rotational velocity is transformed, it is rotated considering the slope of the world cereal yield graph. It is clear that in general there is an anti-phase change in the world cereal yield and cosmic energies growth, which are related to the Earth's rotational velocity. Cereals grow better at the higher Earth's rotational velocity. We clarified the conclusion that was not sufficiently substantiated during search for the correlation coefficients between the Earth's LOD and increase of the world cereal yield.

That is why it is so important to correlate every graph fundamental for development of the society and the planet with the Earth's rotational velocity.

In this problem there are specific effective methods.

Essence of the research methodology is discussed in separate, purely scientific publications. (Ref.: N. I. Konyukhov 2016a,b,c; 2017a). Here the focus is more on the problem statement methodology and the reasoning method of those who share the proposed statements. This is the technique for confirming our conclusions, that are understood by a small range of specialists, with the material and the statistics that overfill the world.

This technique is aimed at comparing the Earth's rotational velocity and the solar activity (Wolf number) with the long-term and other development trends of our society. For there are social processes that depend on cosmic energies literally by days, hours and even minutes.

In this regard, we shall once again note the obvious fact: with growth of the Earth's rotational velocity and other conditions being equal the cereals begin to grow better!!!

And what about people, Russians? Maybe, similar to plants, every nation has its own optimal level of such energies consumption?

From this perspective we shall consider the system of graphs which visualize statistical relationships between the Earth's rotational velocity, that is, between the cosmic energies that are related to it, and the variety of socio-economic and physical indicators.

1.2 Visualization of statistical relationships between the Earth's rotational velocity and socio-economic processes, psycho-physiological human responses

In scientific literature there are a lot of experimental data on relationships between the various results of socio-economic human activity, the state of human health and the Earth's rotational velocity.

Let's present these data in graph form. They represent independent discoveries, findings and insights of Russian and foreign scientists in this regard.

A relationship was identified between the frequency of ambulance calls in Moscow and the Earth's rotational velocity.

The frequency of ambulance calls is "strikingly similar to the shape of the Earth's rotational velocity series; correlation coefficient (CC) turned out to be very large, statistically significant and equal to -0.46 with more than 1600 points in each series and almost zero offset". For wave processes it is almost absolute agreement.

V. A. Chereshnev, A. G. Gamburtsev, T. K. Breus. A man and three of his surrounding environments. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2007, vol. 77, № 7, pp. 618-627.

Note that the correlation is of the same order as the statistical relationship between the Earth's rotational velocity and cereals growth.

A relationship is identified between the Earth's rotational velocity and the frequency of various diseases per 100000 population at the scale of decades.

As the Earth's rotational velocity is growing – the number of diseased in Russia is also growing at the scale of individual years. As the Earth's rotational velocity is falling – the number of diseased is also falling at the scale of years. Evidently, this is one of the factors that influences the number of diseased. But at this point in time we have such trends agreement.