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Let's return to the data table of historical records in weight-lifting. Let's generalize the data.

These data show that cosmic energies often resonate with the people of a certain cosmic type. But this factor is not general. It does not deny the importance of individual motivation, training systems, nutrition, etc. for achievement of sports victories. A sports record is a result, accumulation of many factors, causes of a victory. Nevertheless, cosmic energies and ability to resonate with them is by far not the least factor. Different individual psycho-types resonate with different cosmic energies. The sign of such a resonance is the simultaneous growth of brain's EEG frequency and amplitude. But the most important sign is the result of practical activity. It is better for the resonators, that is, the individuals who are able to resonate with cosmic energies of a given type.

There is much sample statistics and pabulum for reflection. But we take a stand on only one conclusion: at different stages of the Earth's rotational velocity athletes of different types make greater sports achievements.

We identified nine stages. The chance of a date of birth or date of setting a record getting into one of these stages equals 0.11. According to our research, code 1 of birth dates of great historical record-breakers equals 56.5%, according to the number of records set. That is, the probability is 5 times higher… Taking into account the above arguments and calculations, the conclusion is obvious: the dependences are not random.

Chapter 3. From the cereal yield and tree gain to the economic growth rate, depending on the Earth’s rotational velocity

3.1 Cereal yield and the Earth’s rotational velocity (LOD)

According to the results of previous studies, we know that many processes occur with the opposite rhythms and tempos in the countries with the high and low cosmic ether pressure. For example, this is the case of GDP growth rate in the USA and the Arab World. This relates to the way the number of terrorist attacks is connected with the increase (decrease) in the Earth’s rotational velocity in different countries, etc.

Here we deal with complex but same-type relations: the growth of plants, sporting achievements, and GDP growth rate are directly connected with the Earth’s rotational velocity up to a definite period of time, and inverse relations become evident at a certain moment as well. There is a close compliance of the yield gain in different countries in one cosmic period; at the same time the correspondence disappears in another period. Let’s pay attention to the cereal yield increase in the USA and the Arab World. Remember that GDP growth rate in these countries resonate with the Earth’s rotational velocity, but there are correlations with different signs.

Both people and cereal react to changes in the Earth’s rotational velocity with its growth. All countries are classified into those in which people and biota are active, that is, they grow a little better with the growth of the Earth’s rotational velocity, and those in which they grow a little worse. Such a division is typical of most countries.

For greater certainty of this thesis, let’s draw this graph nearer, dividing it into two time slots.

This graph marks the years (1967 – 1974), when the previously observed mathematical harmony between the cereal gain in the USA and the Arab World was gone. These are the years of mass protests. Let’s recall the protests in France in 1968, and throughout the world, in general. Why did students rebel? They behaved abnormally, and the rest of the biota did the same. We are a part of nature. Fast-growing plants responded to changes in the cosmic energies with the cohesive development, yield gain, long-growing ones did it with the width of the rings, nutrient composition, etc. People react to it with their behavior.

Since 1996, the grain yield gain in the USA and the Arab World keeps opposite trends. Does it mean that people, like cereals and plants, have the zone of the best possible Earth’s rotational velocity values for their growth? When they enter this zone, the opposite trends occur. When they leave it – these trends are deformed.

In the USA, the cereal yield fell, along with the fall of the cosmic energies (LOD is less than 0.5 ms). It wasn’t observed in the Arab World, which is located in the zone of the lower cosmic ether pressure.

Let’s look at the graph. The period of 1996 – 2016 is related to abrupt changes in the Earth’s rotational velocity, but the range of LOD values was from 2 to 0.5 ms. As soon as LOD decreased to less than 0.5 ms – inverse relations of cereal growth rate in the USA and the Arab World disappeared.

The period, when the inverse relations of cereal gain in the USA and the Arab World disappeared, was the years of cosmic energies redistribution. It was essential. The whole biota on Earth is reformed at these points of time. People are reformed as well. Some of us take to terror, some – to science or art, others set sports records, etc. Everything happens in such a way that it seems that the endocrine profiles of people changed dramatically (in their own ways). Organisms became different at the physiological and psychophysiological levels.

Perhaps, the beginning and the middle of 1990s in general is the period of significant reforming of the whole biota on Earth?

Let’s compare two unique graphs: the graph of the Earth’s rotational velocity, the degree of the atmosphere humidity and the tree rings gain corresponding to the most numerous measurements.

U.P. Demakov Dynamics Factors of the Annual Gain of Tees.; D.V. Tishin Dendroecology (Tree-Ring Analysis Technique). Kazan, Kazan University, 2011. – 33 p.

N.S. Sidorenkov “Impact of the Annual and Monthly Revolution of Earth on the Cyclicality of Weather and Climate Change Atmospheric Processes”, Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

The tree-ring gain perfectly coincides with the Earth’s rotational velocity. And their maximum gain coincides with the maximum historical records in weightlifting.

But the most interesting thing is that different clusters of trees grow with the opposite trends in the extent of the rings.

Here is the conclusion of U.P. Demakov’s presentation concerning this issue: “According to the nature of the growth rhythm, all trees can be divided into two different clusters, the positions of which in cenosis in terms of the relative value of the annual ring are diametrically opposed, and occasionally at specific time intervals, they change places with each other”. This also relates to the types of athletes who set records at the maximum and minimum Earth’s rotational velocity.

Obviously, trees and plants are divided into those that grow better with the Earth’s rotational velocity increase and the ones that grow better with its deceleration.

Let’s consider the graph of the yield growth in Russia, throughout the world and in the Arab World. There is a coincidence with the above described: up to the end of 1980s, the yield gain in Russia was changing in opposition to the Earth LOD change, with a negative correlation. But since early 1990s, the relationship is positive.

The following graph depicts this relationship.

There is the trend change in the sports world: before 1990s, the number of sports records correlated with the Earth LOD negatively, and since early 1990s, it became positive.

This fact is worth discussing and considering.

Prior to this, we hypothesized that perhaps there was the coincidence of LOD changes with the yield growth due to technological progress with a relatively stable trend in cosmic energies changes. That’s why, we specified two periods of LOD changes (1973 – 1991 and 1991 – 2014).

There is a high degree of consistency in the cereal yield growth throughout the world, in the Arab World, and in Russia: it grows inversely to the LOD value.

There is a high consistency of the cereal yields growth throughout the world, in Russia and in the Arab World. The correlation factors of yield are positive. But the correlation factors of yield and LOD are negative.

Indeed, due to technical factors, the yield growth determines receiving of positive correlation factors. But every year the yield gain in Russia differs from the gain in the Arab World, they are opposite. And it is better correlated with the Earth LOD.

In most cases, the cereal yield gain in the Arab World and the one in Russia are in opposition. But in both countries, it is growing year in and out (the positive correlation).

According to U.P. Demakov, the cereal yield gain of the same type in the Arab World and in Russia coincides in time with setting historical records in weightlifting and a record-breaking tree-ring growth rate.

In this period of time, the coincidence of the yield growth rate in Russia and in the Arab world occurs. This is the period between 1993 and 1996. What are these years? These are the years of maximum, peak LOD values, when there are signs of powerful cosmic energies at point 5. These points are manifested on the scale of days and decades, or even certain years. At these points, a brain activity is transferred to the right half. It is described and illustrated in the examples (see: N.I. Konyukhov, 2017a). It is no coincidence that all the major historical events related to the formation of Russia, took place in these years.

Thus, in almost all the years, the cereal gain rate in the Arab World and in Russia were relatively opposite. Their coincidence occurred due to the sharp deviations of the Earth’s rotational velocity, and with the cosmic energies.

Vegetation, just like people, responds to the cosmic ether in different ways. And, most likely, there is the best possible density of the cosmic ether as regards the growth of various crops.

With a sharp and significant increase in the Earth’s rotational velocity, cereals begin to grow in tandem with the cosmic energy, the growth of which is connected with the increase in the Earth’s rotational velocity.

Are plants so ingeniously and wisely arranged? Do they start to focus on the cosmic energy that largens?

It turns out that there are two types of cosmic non-electromagnetic, vortex energy: one increases with the increase in the Earth’s rotational velocity, and the other increase with its decrease.

We won’t even express the hypotheses concerning this issue. This book is about facts solely. The ones, who long for troublesome thoughts and hypotheses concerning this issue, can check the article “A Human Being in Ether Vortexes”. It provides the facts that have been well-known in science for a long time: one-celled organisms settle along or across the magnetic field lines. And V.L. Dyatlov article deals with the perpendicular nature of electromagnetic and gravity spinning energies. The author has the answer to this question at the level of physical theory. We are closer to practice, just to the observed phenomena, recorded statistical relations.

And the facts are that plants, athletes, countries began to react to changes in the Earth’s rotational velocity since early 1990s in a different way. The connection of their achievements, development with the Earth’s rotational velocity became closer, correlation factors increased in absolute value.

At the same time, there are athletes that set great records with the increase in the Earth’s rotational velocity, and there are the ones, who do it better with its deceleration. The records are more often set at the turn of the sign of the Earth rotation acceleration: some athletes set them more often at points 1, others do it at points 5 of the cycle of cosmic energy changes, related to the Earth’s rotational velocity.

 3.2 The Earth’s rotational velocity (LOD) and the GDP growth rate in different countries

The nature is arranged in such a way that certain kinds of crop bear, when cosmic energies decrease or increase. It seems that someone gave it all as a reserve to the human civilization in the difficult journey through history.

However, it’s more important for us to understand how people are arranged, what differences we, nations and peoples have. Different nationalities, peoples, different types of people have different perceptions of the cosmic energies. And there are people who are more prone to living with high cosmic energies, but there are the ones that are more successful with low energies. With such a significant difference between peoples and people, the management systems in each of them should be different as well.

In this regard, it’s more interesting to compare the GDP growth rate in Russia and China.

Let’s start with relations of the GDP growth rate in China and the Earth’s rotational velocity.

There is the inverse relationship. There is the coincidence of the GDP growth rate and the cosmic energy growth rate, connected with the growth of the Earth’s rotational velocity, only in 1991-1995. This is the period of dramatic change in the cosmic energies, their sharp rise. GDP responds to changes in the cosmic energies in its growth rate as well. It happens in different ways in different countries.

But if it really happens this way, it is possible to classify the development of countries on this basis, isn’t it? The situation in the USA and the Arab World has already been provided as a vivid example. There were strictly opposite trends, with the exception of a few years, when the cosmic energies reached the boundaries of typical changes. And what about other countries?