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There are two obvious trends.

1) Russian athletes win more often at point 5 of the cosmic energies change cycle on the scale of days, whereas foreign athletes – at point 1 of the cycle.

2) Russian athletes rarer win at a growth stage of the Earth's rotational velocity.

Our athletes set Russian records three times more often at point 5 of daily change cycles of the Earth's rotational velocity.

Achievements of Russian athletes strongly depend on cosmic energies, to a greater extent than for athletes from other countries.

Thus, both on the scale of years and days, the highest sports achievements of Russians are related to cosmic energies to a greater extent than for athletes from other countries.

The difference is relative, because there are Russians among world champions. If they (Yu. Sedykh, etc.) are removed from the list of world champions, the contrast gets even more dramatic.

Overall, all countries can be divided into two groups – those, which athletes win more often during the decrease of the Earth's rotational velocity, and those, where sports records are set more often during its growth. Surprisingly, such a division agrees with the division of countries by the change of GDP growth rate, cereals growth, etc. depending on the Earth's rotational velocity.

Consider the champions from China. We foresaw that China's development also depends significantly on cosmic energies (ref.: The breath of history). And Chinese record-breakers achieve outstanding results more often during the falling Earth's rotational velocity.

Let's be rigorous and not mix the samples. Let's take the surnames of outstanding Chinese athletes from one and the same list of world sports achievements in track-and-field athletics, which are given in Wikipedia.

All records were set at the stage of the slowing Earth's rotation, as in Russia.

Yes, statistical data are not very significant. Just a few people. But if one considers GDP growth rates, those depend on efforts of more than a billion Chinese people, whereas cereal growth involves trillions of granules. This is about the trends that appear on the scale of billions of cases and on the sample of small numbers. These trends agree. It is surprising that even Chinese stock markets have differed in growth rate with most global stock indices since 2012. They develop in the opposite trends of the Earth's rotational velocity change.

All countries can be divided into those where sports records are more often set at a growth of the Earth's rotational velocity, and those where records are set at its decline. As well as growth of plants and trees. There are the plant species, the growth of which on the scale of centuries is positively correlated with the Earth's rotational velocity, and there are some – for which that correlation is negative. Why is there such a counter division?

We are not surprised that in the northern hemisphere water flowing from a funnel twists to the right, whereas in the south – to the left? Water under the influence of gravity is subject to the laws of vortex motion. So, do cosmic energies related to the Earth's rotation also cause vortex effects?

But then we deal with the energy, the equator of which does not coincide with the Earth's equator. But this is exactly what ether-dynamics claims regarding the cosmic ether distribution on Earth. Moreover, people are likely able to tune to a particular cosmic energy. While this energy is opposite (V. L. Dyatlov et al.). Just think about it…

Both by birth and by achieved sports results Russian athletes strongly depend on cosmic energies. But these are the typical representatives of Russian nation, these are its most healthy representatives. Does that mean that Russian people are also under stronger and direct influence of cosmic energies?

2.5 Conclusions based on analysis of various types of athletes and related to economic development

From the provided facts and analysis some conclusions follow that are important for understanding the laws of society development.

1) At different stages of the changing Earth's rotational velocity the greatest success is achieved by the athletes who are, due to their psycho-type, predisposed to activity and the highest achievements exactly at the given cosmic energies. There are the individuals who set records more often at points 1, and those who are more active at point 5 of a cycle, i.e. at the points of acceleration sign change of the Earth's rotational velocity. These are the bifurcation points of society development. There are the athletes who, due to their psycho-type, achieved more at the growing Earth's rotational velocity, and there are those who set records at its decline. Those are the different athletes.

The people that are more active and successful at different stages of the Earth's rotational velocity change are different. There are the people who are equally active at different stages of cosmic energies related to the Earth's rotational velocity. But there are only a few of them. Just several.

But if that applies to all people, different people will be more active as well at different stages of the Earth's rotational velocity change in annual cycles.

Even without knowing this relationship, we took this into account during selection of athletes. Through competitions the best were selected to participate in world championships, the Olympic Games. The best were identified according to the results of current competitions. And this selection of athletes naturally and constantly goes on.

But will the methods of training such relatively different athletes also be different? If we select people of type 1/1 (effective at points 1 of the cosmic energies change cycle), will the training method that is effective for the athletes of type 5/5, who are effective at points 5 of the cycle, be suitable for them, too? Is it necessary to change coaches according to the changes of the types of athletes and cosmic energies?

Of course, it is necessary. But this is the way it happens. If a coach is unable to cope with problems – he is changed. Gradually, the coaches that had been effective in working with athletes of one type are changed by the coaches that are effective in working with athletes, who are in turn effective in the current space epoch.

Thereat, this is not about daily and monthly cycles of cosmic energy changes. This is about annual, ten-year cycles. In centenary cycles all this happens naturally due to the change of generations of athletes and coaches. And naturally the sought-for athletes and the most effective coaches are being selected, the most effective training methods are being spread.

But this often happens by trial and error, through the search and course of life, through people's unrest and experience.

Thus, it naturally turns out that the best athletes are selected for world championships, the Olympic Games. They naturally comply with the existing cosmic energies. These are the athletes of a particular type.

2) Athletes win and set the records that are not beaten through decades more often in the period of the slowing Earth's rotation. Cosmic energies related to the slowing Earth's rotation greater comply with the highest sports achievements. In sport, there are extra outstanding achievements that cannot be beaten through decades, although the methods for training athletes are constantly improved. And every next year sports achievements are becoming more and more impressive in general. Nevertheless, there are the periods in the sports history when the records were set that cannot be beaten through decades. All of them correspond to the periods of the slowing Earth's rotation. But if this is so, then economic growth, progress in society development should also be observed during such years. This is true. (ref.: The breath of history).

Leaps in society development, radical transformations and steady progress are related to the growth of cosmic energies, caused by the Earth's rotation. Decrease of the Earth's rotational velocity is one of probable signs of the growth of these energies. There are also other signs (ref.: Psycho-cosmic energies and economic growth, p. 9 – 11).

Whereas cereals grow better at the higher Earth's rotational velocity. Let's not forget that… People and plants have their own natural relationships with the Earth's rotational velocity.

3) At stages of the significantly different Earth's rotation speed different methods and even systems of athlete selection and training will be more effective.

Naturally, this is influenced by the country's economic capacity, but there are the differences in methods directly related to cosmic energies in a current epoch.

At historical stages of the high Earth's rotational velocities, low concentration of isotopes in tree rings, when economic growth rates decrease, training of athletes and soldiers (these are substantially similar) concentrates in special schools. In particular, the selection of young people in these schools, their rough training, ensured success of the country and the army. The elite of successful countries was trained in such a way. And it earned victories to those countries. That training was rough and hard. For example, in one of the Spartan schools a boy fell dead because his belly was gnawed through by a fox-cub, which he caught and did not have time to let go before forming-up started. It was not allowed to move during forming-up. Inhumane? But these were the armies like a Spartan one that won.

In England, in the times of expansion of its colonies, students in elite schools were whipped for disobedience. While whipped – were conquering the world. Stopped whipping – the empire dissolved. This is spoken figuratively, grotesquely. But this figure reflects the main point: at different cosmic energies different systems of education and training are effective.

At the stage of the slowing Earth's rotation, at the stage of isotope concentration growth of various substances in tree rings success was mostly due to militias, mass armies, due to mass sports training. This is an amazing regularity that is proved by the entire history.

The countries that changed systems of training and manning of armies in time were becoming the leaders. The countries that did not grasp those trends – were leaving the pages of history.

These findings are the key to understanding the psycho-cosmic mechanisms of economic development of countries. Moreover, there are the countries that are greater dependent on cosmic energies than others. These include Russia, China, etc. Therefore, in these countries, the laws described above, the particularities of setting records of the highest level will be more pronounced. In support of the above, let's draw attention to the fact that during decrease of the Earth's rotational velocity the wins of the weight-lifters from these countries have been so impressive that they cannot be beaten by the athletes from other countries.

Let's consider the list and the graph of historical sports achievements in weight-lifting, combined with the Earth's rotational velocity (ref.: Appendix).

By looking at the years of historical records in weightlifting it can be observed that these are the years of maximum slowing of the Earth's rotation. Moreover, all historical records in weightlifting were set in the points of acceleration sign change of the Earth's rotation. These are the critical years in socio-economic development of Russia and other countries of the world (change of agreement between the countries GDP growth rate and the Earth's rotational velocity, morbidity rate, cereal yield, etc.).

There is no doubt that the athletes who set the historical records represented their countries in weight-lifting in these years and days. Their psycho-type corresponded to the cosmic energies of that time, so they could fully use these energies in weight-lifting. That is obvious.

There are similar relationships in economy, but there is no mechanism of selecting the most capable to the economic elite. Mostly those who can adapt better to proper interpersonal relations move up the social ladder, rather than those who are more effective in practical economic activity. Only those who are among their elite. Moving up the social ladder is not the one most capable, but rather the one most effective in the system of interpersonal relations. Or a close relative of the one most effective in the system of interpersonal relations.

Therefore, even if there are the people who are able to make a breakthrough in a proper cosmic epoch, if they are not promoted to the top, to the elite, to the group of decision-makers and leaders by their position in society, there won't be any development breakthrough. There will be barbell jerks that bring world fame – as long as the system of selecting athletes by lifted weight, rather than through good connections, will be preserved. But there is no such system in the society for people selection by their abilities. It is subject to other laws.

The epoch of high cosmic energies has passed. There are no more any sports records of that level in weight-lifting. But life goes on. And at the decline of cosmic energies athletes of other type do win. The best at this time in history. These are the individuals who win at stages 6-9 of cosmic energy cycles. These individuals are thoroughly studied. They have a different structure of EEG (electroencephalogram), CG (cardiogram), a different physiological mechanism of metabolism, etc. Thus, other training systems are necessary.

Athletes and coaches that meet these requirements will win competitions according to unbiased criteria. They win, sometimes not even realizing the laws described above. Whereas in the society there is no such rough, unbiased selection of the best in the current cosmic epoch. Instead, we have meetings, conferences, scientific research of economists on this subject that in most cases transfer the winning scenarios of one cosmic epoch to another. There are practical experts that intuitively feel tricked by this, but they are mostly kinetic, that is, they are able to do, but unable to express their thoughts. In modern era of general idle talk they are not the ones who make decisions. Therefore, while the babblers who make decisions nowadays are not replaced with the strong semi-taciturn economic executives, the leaps in development simply cannot happen. Alternatively, it is necessary to create a system for selecting individuals not by the programs they have written, but rather by the number of reconstructed economies and manufactures.