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Planet of fear

Planet of fear, here it,

War, around war.

Planet of fear, where it?

Yes here it, is absorbed by fire.

Fire suffering of people,

Fire of artillery volleys;

Ruin of that war brought with itself,

About! – the Cruel people:

They take each other the field,

The brother kills the brother;

About! – People! As the tyrant is tough,

He is cruel to the people:

It is ruthless to them, to all,

Only gold of money recalculation;

There is no love beautiful creation, in it,

Only hunger in it:

This hunger is terrible it to people,

He the power is eager the power;

Hungry and heartless it,

It without warm creation:

And people? What they? Live,

In battle with the tyrant perish;

About people! How you were not lucky?

In battle of fratricidal war:

All of you are heroes of the people,

All of you are heroes of the country;

You are people of the people,

You are people of mother of the earth:

About the city

The city our native is beautiful,

It is fine and beautiful.

In it beauty of love of people,

In it our pride, it is our home.

Love, it is honored,

He is our hero, the hero – the soldier.

He won in battle – soldiers,

Also it was not overthrown, our hero.

My city, it is the blossoming garden,

My city, in it our sports group.

The team of soccer in it is,

In it our pride, our honor.

The flame of patriots burns here eternally,

That life was given in war cruel.

To brutal that war,

That memories on eyelids – at the people.

Do not forget that immortal feat,

That was recently, was long ago.

That life was given by the immortal soldier,

What we on a vein are fated to remember.

In it beauty, in it streets are beautiful,

Here the park beautiful is.

There is a purity, here the house our clear,

Rest souls – my home.

Open spaces here – steppes far,

Open spaces here – love big.

There are immense open spaces,

Here house of the people, our home.

About season

The fall at sunset is fine summer,

The fall a wind rustle is fine.

It is fine and loved,

Rest and silence, rest and silence.

In a sunlight decline,

Everything withers, everything burns.

Leaves are fine fall down,

They lands to us cover a carpet.

Trees rustle, fall down leaves,

The stream – the prankish, the small child rustles.

He runs quickly on the steppe far,

It rustles in a distance of the steppe wide.

Here night, continuous silence,

Nights, its calm rustles.

The haze in calm deep is fine,

The haze, rest and silence is fine.

Only the calm and a smooth surface – rustles a grass,

Rest and silence, harmony and joy.

Love fine pacification,

Love of fine silence – rest.

The fall in the twilight of summer is fine,

The fall is fine, foliage rustles.

Also falls down fine yellow a blanket,

The earth is covered with a fine blanket.

About war

Year the forty first came,

War, came war.

To our house it knocked,

And all whom could visors.

We engaged, in fight cruel,

Bloody fight, deadly fight.

We fought to death,

For our home.

The suffering and hunger expected us,

In that war, cruel unvarnished.

Bloody – the scarlet blood sprinkled

Tears – swear at lands.

We fought to death, up to the end

We had a Siege of Leningrad.

But we did not give up on favor to the enemy,

We overcame it in the forty fifth year.

Victory! Everything, end to war,

The marshal reviews Victory Day parade.

There are heroes along Victory Square,

There are heroes, our grandfathers and fathers.

There passed years, from that terrible fight of a century,

Our heroes, we remember them.

And every year, we remember, and we celebrate heroes of that war.

That the stomach was not regretted, in a victory of that war.

Thank you, fathers and grandfathers is veterans,

Thank you what life we were given.

Thank you that the sun did not go out,

Thank you, for everything.

About love

The love is fine, the love is wished by us!

The love, serene pure beauty is fine.

The love, beauty of flowers is fine,

The love, small stalks of scarlet roses is fine:

Beauty of love – fine beauty,

Love fine – mothers lands,

Love of the cleanest – spring water,

Lands fine – the homeland of the earth.

My fatherland, my homeland!

As you are beautiful, and it is loved.

My fatherland, my fatherland,

My boundless dwelling:


Winter-spring, Beauty it!

Summer-fall, gold it!

Winter and Fall, gold times!

Hot summer, Spring of Rozhn!

Beauty of the nature surround us,

They are beautiful!

In love, breath joyful luminescence of a human soul!

About! – As we are not fair to you, the nature mother;

We poison and we destroy life your, your and our life.

You are mother of all on this evil planet,

You are our mother, you are mother of the earth, you are our mother!

I love, I love, I love you.

I love you, fine purity of soul,

I love you, fine full purity,

Love air, not terrestrial,

Love water, transparent true purity of soul!


Russia is wide! Your open spaces are big!

I love you with all the heart!

Fine, true purity.

Beauty of a meadow, field and river,

Beauty fine woods!

Streams, prankishes they murmur,

Are fine and clean.

Fields, meadows, the woods are dense, the sun gold is radiant,

To evening dawn rustle foliage,

Rest and withering, silences.

Dawn of love, rising beams sun,

Love fine, dawn of new life.

All wake up around, trees, birds, animals,

All a song sing matins, fine matins of a dawn.

Love, fine they sing,

Love to a home.

Beauty fine, purity of soul!

To love of beautiful mother of soul.

We eulogize our home,

We love our earth without it прикрас.

Our house, our wood, fields and rivers,

We love them, for that, about is.

About love to

I love fine – I love all live!

I love creation – I love art!

I love abstract thinking,

I love rising decline of beauty fine creation!

Sunshine – scarlet petals its creation!

Perfectly and with calm here.

Souls rests, pleasure,

Souls rests, pacification,

Souls rests, relaxation,

Last beams of a sunset sun.

About love to

The love is beautiful without the rest!

The love is beautiful as spring!

Love, it is red souls rustling of a leaf fall!

Love, it rising sun of gold!

Great chancellor

The great chancellor who is he such is?

Dictatorship it, master of destinies.

He the power, the law, it is the tsar of misters,

It in each person, angry it is fate.

Everything in only it is the Lord – paper god.

We are driven to it, without remembering anything sacred.

We cherish it and we hate for one.

He is a god ours, the master of destinies.

Whom is he appointed? Us, people,

It is sealed by the power.

Where without it not to pass, not to get to without it anywhere.

It the power and pain, all in only it paper.

He is the master of destinies, it only simple paper.

Ship ghost

The ship on waves, the ship from fog floats.

The ship on waves, the ship quiet and peaceful floats.

We lie there are no people, in it there is a rest,

The ship from fog.

It is a ghost only of rest of the person.

It only dream of rest, silent noise of a sea surf.

And future storm, sky багрово

The ship ghost, in storm winds.

It floats on waves.

Ship ghost, silent and late.

It is serene, the ship ghost.

It is only fog, a circle only one calm.

The ship ghost, it is happy.

He is happy and is serene,

It floats on waves.

Rest it ours, ship ghost,

Rest it ours, and quiet sleep.

Curtains, storm, ship ghost,

There is it to a storm, there is no rest to it.

Who is he? Ship ghost?

Hope it, it our pipe dreams.

In hope storm, in love storm,

He is beautiful the ship ghost,

In fog of our pipe dream.


The dream is fine!

The dream is awful?

The dream is beautiful and fine!

Dream all!

Dream always!

About! – the person the romantic!

The thunderstorm rattles, the sky is gloomy,

The lightning beauty sparkled!

The rain, fine weather pours!

Everything comes to life, all earth sings,

Beginning of new life awakening.

Flower leaf, it comes to life,

Mushrooms grow in the wood.

Peals of a thunder, lightning blow,

The beauty it, it is fine!

In calculation of petals, beginning of new life.

In silvery rainbows multi-colored and playful,

Beginning of new life.

The thunder and luminescence of a scarlet dawn, fight is going,

The thunderstorm a katyusha beats, and the artillery goes forward,

On mortal fight, for mothers of children and wives.

In it anything, only emptiness,

In it death and grief only one,

In it death notifications only one,

In it tears of mothers, only one pain.

But they did not break us, could not,

We fought back them.

For tears of mothers, for our murdered sons,

We won, that bloody fight.

There passed years, but we did not forget them,

The sons and daughters who gave lives on that war.

To bloody fight of two people,

To cruel fight in bloody medley, a copper.

Our spirit, they did not break us,

Our anger, it was cruel.

To bloody and Mortal Kombat,

To bloody fight of death contrary to.

Thank you! Thanks veterans,

Thank you for our happiness,

Thank you for everything.

About an infinite way

The sun shines brightly – a bright star,

Month shines at night – the yellow moon.

Stars in night flicker – lighting up a way,

Planets in a row rose – the Milky Way.

Rest and freedom there – love and serenity,

Calm of soul – the beautiful creature.

There a rest star – souls balance,

Going on the Milky Way – in a space distance.

There rest and love – there time goes differently,

There the best the world – rest there and silence.

There the Milky Way of love – rest, silence,

Fine – pure beauty.

Rest arrivals – beauty of love,

Stars blinking – smother calm.

Love to all – love fine,

My love – love (NOT) terrestrial.

About family

The woman is beautiful – to a flower it is similar,

The woman – a similar scarlet rose is beautiful!

The woman – a flower of a bud, a morning dawn is beautiful,

The woman – in love uncontrollable is beautiful.

About! – the woman – the beloved wife!

My daughter is beautiful – she is not fault,

My daughter is beautiful – she is clean.

My daughter is beautiful – she is loved,

My daughter – the prankish she is beautiful.

On the night of the appointment she escaped – for the morning in a hem brought the child,

You still the child – my child,

You in a hem a dress – the child brought.

Mother will give advice to you – she is an adviser yours,

It your friend – your defender.

It is an ally yours – she is only a mother.

It will console us always – and only itself without joys,

At the cemetery to see a grave she – the son's gravestone.

That having accepted battle – he was killed by the sniper of a rifle,

It a breast passed it – the soldier, the son, the patriot.

For mothers and wives, fathers and sons – for the homeland.

He is our hero – the forgotten feat,

Only mother remembers one its act.

Our defender he – he is our hero,

It the homeland the defender – the hero.

The son it the people – it is a defender.

The father – the owner of the center,

He is the wife's husband – he is my parent.

He is a person of family – he is our father,

She is our mother – the keeper of the center of fire.

All of us are family – the kindred blood.


Plague feast – in health of plague,

Nature of our plague life.

Our feast – madness mad,

Our world to plague of obedient.

All of us are sick – are sick with plague infectious,

Plague gets of us the best.

All of us are sick – plague infectious,

We call its money.

In them our happiness – our ruin,

In them our force – death.

In plague of a money of a Flood,

In plague of their green equivalent.


Stars of the Milky Way – our way in outer darkness light up,

There are we in a gloom of night, a star rain.

Under a sky of lacteal night – they float in a gloom night,

Flicker – in a moonlight of night.

Stars, in the field night – colors of the moon flicker,

Wild orchids of the moon – flowers night,