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Psysuccess (English Version)

Selected poems

Egor Rybakov

© Egor Rybakov, 2019

ISBN 978-5-4493-8979-4

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Through the pain and tears you’re reaching out to me,

Without fear of the sun or bitter cold,

Constantly Shine and sparkle in the darkness,

Melt the ice of sadness and bitterness of eternal love.

You are not afraid of anyone and believe in a miracle,

And your heart warms gently all around,

Without you is sad, feel so bad,

My joy, my soul, my heartfelt friend.

When everything in the world is fast and fast,

Fighting in the country, the people, black hearts,

I will warm you a spark,

And may the heat never end.

And my heart beats forever in anticipation,

Soul longs for you and all sick inside,

And there will never be another breakup.,

And what prevents us-let the flame burn.

Your love gives hope, faith, awe,

And the world doesn’t crumble when it’s just you,

Other opinions are alien, sound like babbling,

And let them burn with fiery fire.

Your love, from now on, warms constantly,

Eyes will melt the ice and open my soul,

You reach my heart I will alway,

And I will enjoy your beauty forever.


Raging passion, blood boils,

Waiting for you long ago girl I’m a native,

My love must still be asleep,

She yawns, reaches rising.

May I not warm you in the morning,

Nor will I tell you my sorrows,

Love you as a mother my sister,

Let’s communicate just like in the beginning.

How can you not love a beautiful woman like that?

Always friendly, you charmed me,

Stay with me, please, don’t give me someone else’s,

And admirable of all hair, face and outfit.

How about you remember me for a moment?

Suddenly your heart will be longing without love,

I’m sorry to disturb you. I just happened to be here.,

To you I will come at once, me, you just holler.

You don’t trust anyone, I understand.,

Too much pain, worry and resentment,

The attention of human forever drowning,

Every time your cell phone vibrates, rings.

Lope was anger, envy, misunderstanding,

Said we’re not a couple, you’re just another,

Too was insistent, there is no me justify,

Lit up my life, was wrong, wandering in the darkness.

Let you go, fly my sweet darling,

Heart no longer hurts, does not ache,

That’s what it is: love-jade, earth,

It burns constantly, like in winter, ice water.


The world without you is so boring, gloomy,

And it’s not pleasing me for a long time,

The nature of longing tears crying,

Not in sight sun, deserted and dark.

You Shine a light on your arrival,

Give hope, faith and soul comfort,

Plunge into the cool in hot summer,

Just for you, all birds sing in the morning.

And me warmly, as an angel I’m taking off,

The soul seeks light in height,

With you by my side everything I forget,

And he began sincerely to believe in the dream.

In the dream that in the world everything is possible,

Your fantasies take on beauty,

Other problems are so few and insignificant,

And there are people who believe in kindness.

What is freedom of thought and decision,

From the collective consciousness of the past,

And I am not afraid for the future,

To say something necessary and blessed word.

What is Holy love, it will warm,

We are in sorrow, sadness, gloom of the soul,

It is a hug, a gentle regret,

You enjoy it in the morning silence.

Do not doubt, will definitely come,

You’ll know the truth in a girl’s eyes,

In broad daylight you in the crowd will find,

And you will believe again sincere tears.


Dear, forgive me for this world,

That in it so little of light and love,

And only with you the joy felt,

And to the surface swam from the depths.

I’m sorry that the world is full of malice,

Human fear, envy and bile,

Suffer forever from their freedom,

Tired of constant lies and flattery.

I’m sorry everyone forgets all the time.,

All kindness, openness and love,

Alas, this is getting annoying,

That people leave the light, afraid of dreams.

I’m sorry I’ve never yearned,

But I didn’t know you until now.,

And dark nights, just dream about you,

And my heart was torn in waiting for a response.

Stay with me, my dear Gerda,

Your love will warm me and this world,

For all the idol was hope,

And I realized I didn’t love anyone else so much.


Tell me my sincere friend,

Sometimes, do you dream of happiness?

And not long ago enthusiasm of the merits,

And became long have you been a part of the world.

Do you remember childhood and dreams,

As you’re in a dream flew and fluttered,

Soul is open, thoughts are pure,

You became older and easily lost.

Close your eyes and become a child,

What were you thinking before bed?

And there is no former color and shade,

And let the soul be filled with warmth.

Imagine that everything is possible in the world,

And make your dreams come true,

Understand the people around is not so difficult,

You’ll get far from the fuss.

Live, love from your heart and dream,

And the walls that prevent us to fly,

Only in your head don’t forget,

And happiness is there, is wanted.


Ask, that in behalf of your, Cristina?

You answer immediately, the world is not ashamed,

My love, my insomnia cause,

I’ve never seen a cuter angel since I was born.

You are the light and the sun, the dawn in the night and the darkness,

My joy among the raging elements,

With you by my side forget about the eternal fear,

To you I give me heart, I dedicate poems.

I think I’ll wait for you come to me,

Text me, call me anytime.,

My soul yearns for you in my sleep,

And be with me in my life poem.

And always heart breaking, fire,

Talk to me, say a few words.,

Will come to the only happiness who dreams,

From darkness tantalizing only your love…


Years run and we run after them,

Getting older all the time,

And before were children young,

Slept, of course, regularly.

And our childhood dreams have changed,

Remained dreams in our past,

Just always tired from all of this,

But sometimes it’s a little disturbing.

He forgot quickly the world clean,

Not aching heart of more for other,

Do not notice the nature of our beauty,

And that fire died away long ago.

And we are all children and born to be happy,

And everyone can spread their wings,

And the sky will dip you in its arms,

Will not prevent the sincere soul to love.

Go ahead and do not be afraid of anything else,

Enjoy life, every breath,

Your bad thoughts only slow you down.,

And what issues do not have to constantly groan.


I wait for you day and night,

Your steps in the silence,

And heart ripped to shreds,

Come often in my dreams.

And everything inside burns and burns,

The soul meekly aspires,

To you and about you only says,

Let it last forever.

Your voice is velvety and sweet,

Enchanted me with his beauty,

He is affectionate and unique,

You irrigate happiness like water.

From a couple of words heart breaking,

Eyes are ablaze tender passion,

The soul flying, the problems of forgetting,

In the sky away from grief and bad weather.

Fly to me, my angel gentle,

And be with me forever,

So gentle and serene,

Christina is my idol and ideal.


Every year we grow up,

Forgetting the world’s former beauty,

And sometimes about his past regret,

We leave our dreams and dreams.

We so dreamed anxiously about the future,

That charming happiness will come to us,

Sincere, gentle and the best,

And bless the communion as an angel.

Dreams of tender love and sweet,

What’s waiting for me for a long time already beyond the threshold,

And will me favorite and happiest,

And time will be a good flow.

Dreams that our dreams will see the light,

And the magic will return to us from dreams,

Wake up the gently stunning dawn,

Your alluring love will warm your soul.

I feel you, my beloved and native,

How you worry forever day after day,

Burning love for me knows no bounds,

And their passion burn like fire.

You come to me and be with me,

After all you my happiness, tenderness and joy,

And the other beauty is not necessary to me,

You’re my precious, my best reward.

And let hopes and dreams come true,

And you’ll Wake up next to me every day.,

And there are dreams not from the void,

And will warm love blooming lilac.


Moving forward as an eternal quest,

Good, love, hope in this world,

And everything burns from a long-awaited meeting,

Such beauties are not seen in sight.

She success charges and its warmth,

Gives pleasure, joy and delight,

And began, my dear, my wonderful dream,

Plunged immediately into the psychology of the flow.

Its ready I listen to long hours,

Eating endless energy of goodness,

Fills the heart with magic words,

And all the lights inside from the gentle heat.

With you I fall asleep and Wake up in the morning,

To enjoy the sun and nature,

You I take as a mother my sister,

You attract more and more every year.


Radiant light streams from brown eyes,

The soul is filled with magical passion,

And it seems to have long been mired,

You keep me warm in all the bad weather.

I’m going to see you again as an angel in the sky,

Love the Holy will fill force wings,

It did not believe before like fiction,

And fell in the twilight of his impotence.

You helped me believe in dreams again.,

And live the dream of the heart forever,

You are more precious than a white rose,

What I gave you in the holiday sometimes.

Fills a soft voice with a wounded soul,

He is close to me and has become a native,

You come, you’re welcome in the world.,

I’m coming home to you again.

You come as a guest in my dreams all the time.,

You give yourself to love and tender feelings,

And soon you will forget the other guys,

I believe, me forward with for gaining’ll call.


My Kristinochka, Chris, Christina,

You are the light of my eyes and soul joy,

As if suddenly gone from the picture,

My Princess, you are my weakness.

I reach for you with all my soul,

Day after day you never leave your dreams,

You will forever disturb my calm,

She made all my childhood dreams come true.

You come, you I constantly glad,

And the night is dark, even early in the morning,

Inhaled the seductive, pleasant fragrance,

And I will enjoy the tender feeling.

Fall together into the sky from the rock,

Spreading our angel wings,

Will not prevent even the wind damned,

Only in the morning we will descend from impotence.

To fly again and enjoy,

Intimate feeling and warmth,

And always to tremble with excess of happiness,

And our worries will be postponed for later.


Movement is like a true stream,

Makes us move forward,

Communication your-a SIP of freshness,

And he asks the soul in flight.

Take off in the sky I in dreams and ancient,

Long as an angel spread his wings,

And only with you my dreams will come to life,

I’m flying to meet you without effort.

I know the truth of our earth,

And know people I’m easy,

With an excess of bitterness drank I Cup,

My soul is rushing high again.

Where children’s dreams come to life,

And heart aches with happiness and love,

My cure for mental emptiness,

We will fly until the morning dawn.


You are the light of my eyes-my Christina,

Balm for the heart, from now on, forever,

And I became for a long time “sister darling”,

Melancholy my sped away soon without a trace.

With you together the sun shines brighter,

Your smile warms the soul like a joy,

And in December you accidentally met,

And has become long-awaited me reward.

And the world around you is full of passion,

The warmth of your soul and tender love,