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Frank Downey

Naked In School


Yes, folks, that’s right-I’ve decided to do my own take on the famous "Naked In School" series.

The inspiration, of course, goes to all those fine folks that have contributed to the Naked In School saga-especially Karen Wagner, who started it all, and Peregrinef, who wrote Beth and Carl’s stories, my favorites in the series.

I’m picking up where they left off, but not really.

Y’see, the tales have built on themselves, and there’s a number of them. I like some of what’s been done, but not all of it, and wanted to have my own take on the thing. Plus, if I went right in line with the original stories, there’d be a problem with timeline-does mine come after everything that’s been posted, or does it happen after Beth and Carl’s stories but before the others, or what.

So, what I did, is I moved it. The original concept is intact, but I moved it to a different school. What I figured is, if something like The Program came into being in the type of world that Karen Wagner introduced, it’d have to start up in other schools, right? My tale takes place at Westport High, a school in a city about 50 miles away from Central. The success of The Program has caused other neighboring school systems to implement it. My tale takes place about 10 years after Karen initiated The Program at Central. The program has been implemented for two years at Westport, and it has not gone particularly well. My story takes place at the beginning of the school year of the third year of the program-a last-ditch effort to see if Westport can make it work as well as Central had. Jared and Amanda, two Juniors, are picked to start the program that year.

As is my wont, this is, despite the random debauchery so common to the Naked In School stories, a rather sweet little tale. <G>

I’m trying something a little different in how I tell the story, though-it’s going to be told in first-person from both Jared and Amanda’s POV. I’m dividing it up into "parts"-which is either going to be a day (Part One-Monday) or a part of a day (Part Six-Wednesday Evening). Inside the parts, I’ll have chapters-and each chapter heading will tell you who’s POV that chapter is being written from. I really want to do it this way, and I’m going to do my damndest to make sure it’s not too confusing-but having both characters’ POV is the crux of the story, and I didn’t want to do it as two separate stories (as Peregrinef did for his), and third-person seemed inadequate.

Hope you like it,


PS: Anyone wanting to read the rest of the Naked In School series, my buddy Gary has thoughtfully archived all the rest of the tales. You can find the rest of them here:


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I knew it. I just knew it. The minute they called me down to the office that Monday morning, I knew what was up. I was getting sucked into The Program.

The Program? Oh, that’s this thing we have here at Westport High. Its full name is the Naked In School Program. Yup, those of us "lucky" enough to be chosen to go into the program have to be naked, completely, in school, for a full week. We also get the chance to go through all kinds of shame and humiliation. This is designed, you see, to "teach respect" and to "foster the students’ confidence." Yeah. Right.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that-because it apparently has worked that way at Central High. That’s where this whole thing started. That’s a school about 50 miles away from here, and they’ve been doing it for about ten years. Apparently, over there, it has taught respect, and has fostered confidence. Maybe they just have a better class of student over there, or something-because it hasn’t worked here.

This would be the third year we tried it. It was the beginning of the third week in school, and they don’t do it the first two weeks, so I’d be one of the first this year. Oh joy. They’ve tried it, the first two years, on just the Juniors and Seniors, so this would be the first year my class was eligible (I’m a Junior this year). They’re doing it in all four grades this time, hoping that would help. And I understand they’ve made a few other changes as well.

Because, as I said, the first two years haven’t been good. One of the problems has been that parents can "opt out" of their kids taking part-and it seemed all the kids that weren’t opted out were the geeks, the loners, the outcasts. Kids that get humiliated to begin with. Having them be the ones going through The Program seemed to be just another road to their humiliation. There was a lot of harassment, a lot of teasing, and rumors of at least one attempted rape. I do know that two girls that went through it had to be hospitalized afterwards. You’d think the administration would get the hint. Nope-they just keep hearing all these glowing reports from Central, and keep buying into it. But nobody was learning "respect" and I don’t think being harassed and assaulted is going to help your confidence any.

Which brings me to my problem-who else was buying into those glowing reports from Central. Namely, my parents. They were all worried about my confidence, so they volunteered me. Over my strenuous objections, I might add. They didn’t listen. Unfortunately, one of the kids that went through it last year that was one of the few to have a good experience was my older sister’s best friend. My parents knew that, too. "It’ll help your confidence. You’re too shy." Blah blah blah.

Look, I’m not a geek, not really-by that, I mean I don’t get harassed. I’m not in the popular clique, but I have my group of friends, and I get along with just about everyone. I don’t get picked on, and most people like me well enough. I get good grades, but I’m not known as a "brain". I’m an ordinary guy with a fair-to-middling social life. No serious complaints, really.

But my parents are convinced I’m scared of girls.

There’s some truth to that-I’ll get back to that later-but what I’m trying to figure out is how, exactly, parading nude in front of the entire student body is supposed to cure me of being scared of the female half of that student body. Nobody’s explained that leap of logic to my satisfaction yet.

Anyhow-I’m scared of girls to a point, but what I really am is scared of girl. Singular. As in one particular. I’ve had a crush on the same girl since seventh grade. I’m scared to talk to her. Because she is wildly popular-probably the best-liked kid in the class. Plus she’s beautiful, smart, and very sweet. I’ve had it bad for a long time. My parents don’t know that, of course-they think my complete and utter failure to garner a date ever is due to some paralysis over the whole female species. Well, it’s not, not really. I have friends that are girls. I can talk to them. It’s just romantic entanglements scare me-and that’s all bound up with this one girl.

And, very shortly, if I don’t miss my guess, that one girl is going to see…me…NAKED.

Shit. Shit shit shit shit.

There are days when I hate my parents.

Anyhow, there was no getting out of it. I trudged to the principal’s office, resigned to my fate. I turned the knob, opened the door, and stepped in. And just about swallowed my tongue. Because Mr. Tilling, the principal, was behind his desk…and sitting across from him…shit shit SHIT…was Amanda Frazier.

My crush.

This just got a WHOLE hell of a lot WORSE.


I got to school that Monday morning, and went immediately to Mr. Tilling’s office. I knew I was going to be chosen for The Program that week. Mr. Tilling had discussed it with me previously.

I guess I’d be considered popular. I do hang around with the Cool Kids, I’m a cheerleader, all that. Lots of people like me, lots of people look up to me. I say that not to brag-not my style-but because it explains why I was "set up". Yeah, there were a lot of problems with The Program the first two years, and, yeah, a lot of it was because a lot of the popular kids opted out. They got to stand on the sideline and be catty.

This is why Mr. Tilling approached me last week and asked that I volunteer. He wanted a popular kid to kick things off this year. I said no, of course. It would be humiliating, and way too much responsibility. He persisted. What can I say, he wore me down. He appealed to my sense of school spirit, the rat fink. Of course, I wasn’t the tough nut to crack-that’d be my parents. They freaked, especially my Mom. Tilling wore them down, too. So, here I was, preparing to go to school for a week in the altogether.

I was terrified.

That’d surprise some people, I know. Because I’m popular, have popular friends, am always (at least outwardly) in a good mood, get decent grades, am friendly, all that-people think I’m a cool customer. Not. What I am is a good actress. I should be in drama, not cheerleading.

Y’see, all I heard growing up was stories about my mother-how unpopular she was, how she was picked on, how she was an outcast and a misfit all through school. I never wanted to go through that, so I cultivated popularity.

Now I was confronted with a dilemma-how do I maintain a complete facade without any clothes on?

And, yeah, I was scared, too-I wasn’t all that convinced that my popularity was going to save me from the harassment. Especially considering it was all a facade.

But I agreed. Idiot that I am, I agreed. So, here I was, in Mr. Tilling’s office, waiting. Apparently there was going to be another guinea pig in the Junior class. Three actually, two boys and one other girl, but they were "pairing us up" this year, and one of the boys was on his way.

He walked in, and it was Jared Wicklow. I knew him; he’d been in school with me since sixth grade. Nice guy. Quiet, didn’t say much, so I didn’t know him all that well, but I always thought he was a nice guy. Good, at least they didn’t pair me up with an asshole.

And I took one look at him, and immediately felt better-about myself, because I felt really bad for him. Because if I was scared, poor Jared was petrified.

"Hi", he managed to croak out as he sat next to me. I smiled, and said "Hi" back.

"OK, now that you’re both here," Mr. Tilling said, "we can begin. Amanda already knows why she’s here, and I’ll bet you can guess, Jared."

"The Program," Jared replied, looking at his shoes, in a voice of total doom. I did really feel bad for him.

"Correct", Mr. Tilling confirmed. He handed both of us brochures describing The Program. "I’m sure you two know the basics, and the brochure covers most questions you might have. However, there are a few changes this year. First of all, it’s not completely random. We’ve pleaded with some of the more popular kids, like Amanda here, to participate, so that we get a better cross-section of participants. Plus, we’re using a Buddy System this year."

"Buddy system?" Jared asked.

"Yep. You, Jared, and Amanda, are buddies. We expect you to support one another throughout this week. And that means both of you. Amanda is more vulnerable because she’s a girl; but she’s also very popular. You’re both going to need support. You have three classes together-one in the morning, one right after lunch, and the last class of the day, so you’ll have plenty of time to lean on one another. And I trust you’ll exchange phone numbers." He looked us dead in the eye. "I can count on your cooperation, right?" he said sternly.

"Sure," I chirped.

"Uh, yeah, OK," Jared stammered. Damn, he really was scared. Or didn’t like being teamed up with me, one or the other.

"Good," Mr. Tilling continued. "Time to strip. Jared? You go first."

"Uh, me? First?" he stammered.

"Come on, time’s a-wasting." Mr. Tilling cajoled.

He did it. Slowly, painfully. I felt bad-Jared had no facade. He was scared, and embarrassed, and couldn’t hide it. Me? OK, I was curious, I admit it. Everyone thinks because I run with the popular crowd that I have a lot of dates. Not true. Nobody ever asks me out. So, in about two minutes, I was going to see my very first live up-close naked boy. I’d seen a few of the upperclassmen that got roped into The Program over the last two years-and, OK, I admit gazing at a few naughty magazines that my friend Maggie always seems to have. But a real boy, naked, this close? Never seen one.

Suddenly, there he was. And, I have to admit, I liked what I saw. Poor Jared was blushing purple, and standing kind of hunched-over, like he wanted to cover up. I was just enjoying the view. What was he ashamed about? Now, admittedly, I’m not much with a basis for comparison, but he didn’t seem to have much to hide. There were muscles I didn’t know he had, his ass was completely delectable-and, there it was, between his legs. He was soft, but it was still impressive. I looked him up and down, and kind of involuntarily let a "Wow!" slip between my lips. Apparently, it was the right thing to say, because Jared straightened up a little and gave me a bit of a half-smile-though he blushed deeper, which just made him cuter.

"Right. Your turn, Amanda," Mr. Tilling said, breaking me out of my reverie.

"OK," I breathed. Remember, Amanda. Act. Act, act, act. Big smile. Never let ‘em see you sweat-or cry, or be scared, or whatever. Off with the blouse, off with the skirt, off with the bra, off with the panties. We got to keep our shoes and socks, so those stayed on. Big smile, nothing bothers me. So, I’m stark naked in the principal’s office. Next to a boy who is similarly stark naked. No big deal, right?

Maybe if I kept telling myself this, I might believe it.

And then I caught a glimpse of Jared. For one thing, he was practically drooling. For another thing he got hard, instantly. That seemed to increase his discomfort. It shouldn’t have. And we were supposed to be supporting each other, right? So, I looked down at…IT…boy it was big…anyhow, I looked down at it, and whispered to him, "That’s a nice compliment. Thank you." At least I got him to smile, a little bit, again.